Technology of Handwriting

Handwriting character input system
Handwriting input is also no discomfort with the electronic pen.
It's possible to express to indication of the strength of a brushstroke and the ink with considering Pen-pressure and Pen speed , it can close representation to the sense of writing with a pen on paper..

The pursuit of Handwritten writing feeling expression such as condition of pen expression,TOME,HANE,HARAI which are penmanship using brush, and drawing response.
To represent brush stroke by speed of writing in case of inputting method that does not take the pen pressure ,such as capacitance, resistance film, other than the electromagnetic induction method.

Preventing erroneous input than handwriting
Some may not be able to enter what you want to write the original by the input you do not mind other than a finger, a pen, or a brush. (ex.Touching wrong portion of Pad).
By performing such as specifying the input area, to detect only the desired input is detected and it can be input comfortably