Overview of CyberSIGN

A dynamic signature authentication system "Cyber SIGN" inputs a handwriting signature from an electronic tablet and a touch pad instead of password input and is the signature registered beforehand and the behavior biometric authentication system to check and do the person himself authentication.

Firm security can be secured by only its signature.
Signature of the operation, it is possible to imitate the signature of the handwriting figure.
However, stroke order ,the pen of the movement, pen pressure and pen speed are impossible to imitate because of operational features in person only have.

Signature, there are infinite registration pattern.
It is strong in against data leakage.
By any chance, even if the biological information is leaked, you only need to register a new signature

Corresponding to all of the language
CyberSIGN is not the same as character recognition ,to verify the behavior characteristic such as the writing ,not shape and language.

If it's identical 100 %, it's NG.
Even if it's checked by stolen signature data, the same signature isn't admitted with the person himself perfectly.
Because the same signature can't be made registration data at all even though the person himself.

A safe tool which corresponds to all software application.
When a signature or an approval document of an electronic document is needed, it can be used.
The signature person is checked and the electronic document used for coding and check-sum technology is also protected.

To avoid problems such as theft, forgery inherent in card and password. In addition, to eliminate the physiological discomfort associated with, such as the retina collation and fingerprint matching.