Cyber-SIGN Health Care

The healthcare is one of the most regulated and complex sectors that comprises huge amount of paper documents such as consent forms, medical documents and etc. These documents usually require signatures from both the healthcare professionals and their patients. In the past, document requires signature will be printed out and signed by handwritten signature. As such, the workflow was paper heavy and required the physical archiving of large quantity of paper documents each year.

With Cyber-SIGN biometric signature solution, healthcare professionals and patients can easily sign consent forms and other medical documents electronically, enabling a completely paperless and legally binding document. Hence, this will help to expedite the workflow cycle by eliminating the manually printing and scanning.

Business Benefits
  • Maximize internal efficiencies
  • Eliminate the manually printing and scanning
  • Accelerated workflow processes and reduced workloads
  • Dramatically reduce costs
  • Improve data accuracy and security
  • Enhances business process
  • Reduces time spent tracking down paper documents
  • Increase flexibility