Feature of CyberSIGN

Cyber SIGN is, to match the behavior itself signature.
Sign of the shape, speed, stroke, and pen pressure then realized the person confirmed by the series information of when the three-dimensional the "habit" of individuals by different writing motion..
The CyberSIGN data was created above feature data and added to the time factor.
Then to compare and verify with that of original sign data.
Learning function to automatically absorb and reflect until the signing aging also features.

recognize the "movement" of the pen tip to write a signature
Cyber - SIGN use information on 3 items, a movement of a pen of the X-axial and the Y-axial direction and the strength of a pen stroke using the data acquired in time series, so as well as the shape of the signature, it's written, and the order, written rhythm and the strength of a brushstroke, etc., it's judged.
The size of the data is small with about 1.5Kbyte so record to an IC card is also possible.

Cyber-SIGN Overview

The feature of the signature is three-dimensional time series data.
At the same time and to calculate the distance value by matching the time-series data obtained three-dimensional, by which to quantify the distortion of the matching function to recognize the signature or not of the person on thresh-hold plane of two-dimensional Acquired three-dimensional time series data is chosen as corresponding and calculating the distance value and also digitizing the distortion of the agreement function, and recognizes whether it's one's own signature on the threshold plane of two dimensions.

Existence confirmation and will confirmation
Like other Biometric authentication, as well as can do one's own existence confirmation.
Also it's possible to do the clear will-confirmation which does the signature at the same time, by the signature authentication for which the taken active feature is used.

There is always a change a little for a human signature.
Because the same one is just impossible by all means for a handwritten signature, CyberSIGN puts on a change in a signature with time.

Personal Sign become personal cipher with such as adding various thinking out or way to your sign depending on an idea.