Overview of biometric authentication technology

An alternative to password authentication or card, it is a technology for identifying the biometric i.e. person himself. Typical method can be classified into following two.

1. The system to identify the independent physical objects from people
Smart cards, magnetic stripe cards, keys and passwords, etc.

2. The system to certify the peculiar and unique feature for each person.
Retina, fingerprint, etc.


Authentication by an object is limited as network security because of disappears and stolen.
Biometric authentication will be matched in the biological characteristics of the person.
Not be eliminated for that, you can not cede to others.

Dynamic signature verification (Cyber SIGN) is the method to distinguish including one's own factor as "behavior" in static authentication.

Comparison of Biometric identification method


Biometric identification: Identification method based on the feature that person only have, such as a fingerprint

Object identification: Identification method using a physical structure such as a key

Dynamic Identification: Identification method based on the characteristics of the behavior of the person, such as person’s habit

Static identification: Identification by verifying the fixed feature