Cyber-SIGN Banking

Banking requires high security that is easy, trusted and reliable. With theft and fraud adding up to enormous losses for banks each year many financial institutions are looking to biometrics for solutions.

Cyber-SIGN offers a solution to capture the signature electronically without compromise any corporate rules and regulations on various applications such as Account Opening, Visa Application, Loan Application and etc.

Unlike other technology, Cyber-SIGN is also able to capture the different pressure of every pen-stroke. Hence, producing an exact image of a real signature, this enables the finance officer a better visual comparison against a hardcopy. With Cyber-SIGN biometric and static signature verification, it helps to automate the processing of signature without human involvement thus increase transaction security and reduce fraud.

Business Benefits
  • Maximize internal efficiencies
  • Eliminate the manually printing and scanning
  • Dramatically reduce costs
  • Reduce paper and signature specimen card
  • Ensures customer retention
  • Improve data accuracy and security
  • Reduce transaction fraud
  • Enhances business process
  • Increase flexibility