Cyber SIGN for Windows

Windows terminal rock application using dynamic signature authentication "Cyber SIGN"
A dynamic signature authentication system "Cyber SIGN" inputs a handwriting signature from an electronic tablet and a touch pad instead of password input, and it's checked with the signature registered beforehand, the person himself authentication is performed and security of a terminal is protected.

Built-in module for development
In order to use by incorporating a"cyber-sign" for a variety of applications, it offers development module.
Has a C language interface, C, C ++, VB etc .
(Development Partner Agreement required)
If you want to create an application that uses the authentication server ,the Cyber-SIGN Server module, if you want to create an application to authenticate with the local PC, you can use the Cyber-SIGN Personal module.

Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Android 2.3.3 on