Static signature verification system
Verify the signature written on paper
Capture the signature was written on the paper in the scanner , and extracted a signature part of the scanned image.
Cyber-SIGN Staticis, matches the extracted signature image.

Distinguish the signature feature by concentration
Identifies it by a feature of the signature of inclination direction of “ the concentration " and "concentration difference" of sign contour which weared shade according to curvature of the signing-line by own method.
It matches by the difference of the signature of concentration features.

Recognize the"shape" of signature
From the signature image, to extract the signature of the contour "shape" and recognizes.

The amanuensis of a signature in the past is checked.
The signature written on paper already and the person himself are to check a written signature, and an amanuensis can confirm that it's same.

Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7