Tegaki Module

pursuit of comfortable writing and drawing representation
Handwriting writing feeling expression of "TOME,HANE,HARAI" which are penmanship using brush, and drawing response.
To pursue writing comfort, such as drawing a response with. Even using the eIectronic Pen,s ,it is not uncomfortable feeling to write.
Writing pressure and writing speed can also be drawing display in consideration.
To achieve representation close to the sense of writing with a pen on paper

Expand the stroke data to the application system
Stroke data (written data) acquired an X axis and Y axial information a movement of a pen and the strength of a pen pressure in time series, are the point data reduced the weight of.
Using stroke data, it can be applied to image conversion, a character recognition, dynamic and static signature verification/authentication

Image data and the confidentiality
Output is possible by the optional resolution (PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF).
It corresponds to a convert at a server side.
Stroke data is exclusive data, and decipherment is difficult.

Deployment to the application