Cyber SIGN for Android

Dynamic signature authentication for Android terminal lock application

Protect the smart phone and tablet in the handwritten signature
Instead of a pass word when you power on, the terminal is verified only by the pre-registration has been signed to enter your handwritten signature, you can use the smartphone if it is recognized as a person yourself.

Secure by a power-on authentication
Simply set up to use a signature at the time of start-up and signed registration, smart phones will be protected by a signature authentication from the time of the next power-on.
*Telephone receiving and calling to the emergency phone is possible even without authentication.

Signature can be set freely
Signature is not only a character, you can set to your liking, such as symbols or marks etc.

worry about unnecessary traces of finger
If it is a mark of a remaining finger in a touch screen because written rhythm as well as the shape of the signature are also judged at the time of authentication.
Even if you guess at the shape of the signature, a possibility that rock is released is low.

Feature of Terminal Lock
1. The security level to suit your applications can be set up to 10 steps

You can choose the security level from 1 to 10 steps by the intended use.
When set to "Do not allow a simple signature registration", at the time of sign registration - will prevent the registration of a simple sign such as "-".

*the first time if you want to use is set to lower the matching level, it is recommended that you raise the level a little familiar.

2.Plus a uniqueness to choose the background color of character and the thickness
When you release the setting of "draw a signature" ,the trace of the character does not display.
(Pen color=transparent)

Android OS2.3over

Android Smart terminal Maker
Samsung Galaxy Note, iida Infobar A01, ASUS TF101

Product lined up
Cyer-SIGN for Android
On sale at the Google Paly Store "CyberSIGN"