Character recognition

Co-operating with handwriting module
Stroke data recognition accquired by our hand written input module

Hybrid recognition
Adopting the hybrid recognition method that combines both forms of characters with stroke order.

1 frame 1 character input, or the input of 1t frame multiple characters can be selected
There is 2 kind of recognition method that 1 frame 1 character recognition to recognize as one character a character that was written in the frame, and 1 frame multiple character recognition to recognize the multiple characters in the frame.
(1 frame multi-character input is enabled only Japanese)

Use of Java script
Web application can use recognitive function easily using the "character recognition module" offered in Java script.

Recognition on server
Recognition is carried out basically in the server.
Server that you want to use, you must have Windows server. (2016/3 currently)
(Please ask and consult the character recognition of locally)

Recognition character
Kanji character (JIS first, second level), hiragana, katakana, alphanumeric characters, Greek letters, symbols
( *Kanji JIS third and fourth level, please contact us.)

System Configration

A character recognition is the system that handwriting character data are text-ized.
Choose text-ized data as cooperating with contract document information, check the difference in the information in an instant and show the power in a check of the time of a bond.

*The high character recognition rate
*Speedy character recognition
*The recognition speed which doesn't feel the waiting time is achieved.